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Note: date format is dd/mm/yyyy.

1.2.0 - 30/05/2004

+  Batch creation of checksums' files for each file.
+  Added a 'Pause' button on all the progression dialogs.
~  Translations can be added without modifying the source code.
~  Some pieces of source code have been factorised.

1.1.2 - 06/03/2004

+  Large files support has been added.
!  Matching for files is no more case-sensitive on non case-sensitive systems.

1.1.1 - 01/01/2004

+  (Windows) When using the installer, a verify entry is added in the context menu of the explorer in addition of the open entry.
+  (Windows) The installer is now multilingual (english and french).
+  Added new options to the command line.
!  Fixed a memory leak when using bad command line values or options.

1.1.0 - 08/11/2003

~  The configuration dialog has been reorganized.
+  A dialog for adding files to a checksums' file using matching patterns.
+  A dialog to check multiple checksums' files at the same time.
+  File menu stores the most recently opened files.
!  Resolved a bug in the automatic recognition of the path separators when loading a checksums' file.
!  Resolved a bug when adding empty directories which crashes the application.
!  Invalid big checksums' files don't freeze the application anymore.

1.0.0 - 27/09/2003

+  Menus for sorting the list of checksums were added.
+  GUI's language is now selectable from the GUI.

0.0.1 (alpha4) - 07/09/2003

!  The title bar is now updated when adding files or directories by drag&drop from the explorer.

0.0.1 (alpha3) - 02/09/2003

+  Windows version is now compiled with Borland C++.
+  Better language recognition for version compiled with Borland C++.
!  Fix some problems with div by 0.

0.0.1 (alpha2) - 25/08/2003

+  The command line support has been added.
+  The Windows installer registers (optionally) the SFV and MD5 types for wxChecksums.
!  (Windows) The application now finds the language catalogs when it is launched by the opening of a file from the explorer.

0.0.1 (alpha) - 24/08/2003

+  First public release.

+ -> New feature
! -> Bug correction
~ -> Change