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wxChecksums Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AppPrefsManages the application preferences
BytesDisplayerDisplays a byte size in a range of [1,1024[ with a suffix
ChecksumComputes a checksum from a byte stream
ChecksumCalculatorCalculates a checksum
ChecksumDataData on a checksum
ChecksumFileCalculatorComputes a checksum from a file
ChecksumProgressDisplays the progression of the process of computing of a checksum
ChecksumsListViewThe list that will display information about checksums
ChecksumsListView::ChecksumProgressDisplays the progression of the process of computing of a checksum
CkSumsAppThe application class
CmdLineOptionsOptions passed by the command line
CRC32Computes the CRC-32 from a byte stream
dlgAboutThe about dialog
dlgAddMatchFilesDialog for choosing a new file name
dlgAddMatchFiles::ArrayMatchPatternArray of matching patterns
dlgAddMatchFiles::MatchPatternRepresent a match pattern used by the 'Add match files' dialog
dlgAddMatchFiles::PatternsListValidatorA validator for the patterns' list
dlgBatchCreationDialog which displays results of multiple files checking
dlgBatchCreation::ChecksumProgressDisplays the progression of the process of computing of a checksum
dlgBatchCreation::FilesStatisticsStatistics on the files
dlgBatchCreation::OptionsOptions for the dlgBatchCreation class
dlgBatchCreationConfDialog for choosing files from which a checksums' file will be create for each of them
dlgBatchCreationConfOptionsDialog for changing batch creation options
dlgConfigureThe configuration dialog
dlgConfigure::TreePagesItemDataData for the tree of configuration pages
dlgFilesSelectorDialog for choosing multiple files to process
dlgFilesSelector::FilesListValidatorA validator for the files' list
dlgInvalidFilesDisplays invalid files
dlgMultiCheckDialog which displays results of multiple files checking
dlgMultiCheck::ChecksumProgressDisplays the progression of the process of computing of a checksum
dlgMultiCheck::FilesStatisticsStatistics on the files
dlgMultiCheckConfDialog for choosing multiple checksums' files to check
dlgNewFileDialog for choosing a new file name
dlgNewFile::FileNameValidatorA validator for the file name
dlgProgressProgress dialog which shows a moving progress bar
dlgResultsProgressTemplate for progress dialogs which display textual informations
frmSumsThe application main window
LanguagesManages available languages for the application
Languages::LanguageEntry of the language list
MD5Computes the MD5 checksum from a byte stream
MD5FileA MD5 file
PreferenceValueEncapsulates a preference value
PreferenceValue::value_tValue of the preference
SFVFileA SFV file
SumFileA sum file
SumFileFactoryGenerates new instances of the subclasses of the SumFile class that the application knows
SumFileFactory::SumFileEntryRepresents an entry of the checksums' files that the application knows
wxFileDialogFilterMakerCreates filters for the wxFileDialog class
wxSortableListViewA sortable ListView control

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