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SumFile Member List

This is the complete list of members for SumFile, including all inherited members.

addChecksumData(const ChecksumData &checksumData)SumFile
checksumsSumFile [private]
clone(const SumFile &source)SumFile [protected]
fileNameSumFile [private]
getChecksumCalculator() const =0SumFile [pure virtual]
getChecksumData(const long key) constSumFile
getChecksumData(const long key, ChecksumData &checksumData) constSumFile
getChecksumDataBegin() constSumFile
getChecksumDataBeginI()SumFile [protected]
getChecksumDataCount() constSumFile
getChecksumDataEnd() constSumFile
getChecksumDataEndI()SumFile [protected]
getChecksumDataKeys(MChecksumDataKeys &keys) constSumFile
getFileName() constSumFile
getFileType() const =0SumFile [pure virtual]
getID()SumFile [protected, static]
getModified() constSumFile
getPathFormat(const wxFileName &fileName, const wxString &commentChars=wxT(";"), const unsigned int maxLinesToRead=UINT_MAX) constSumFile
idGenSumFile [private, static]
modifiedSumFile [private]
operator=(const SumFile &source)SumFile [private, virtual]
read(const wxFileName &fileName)=0SumFile [pure virtual]
removeChecksumData(const long key)SumFile
reset()SumFile [virtual]
setChecksumData(const long key, const ChecksumData &checksumData)SumFile
setChecksumState(const long key, const ChecksumData::State state)SumFile
setFileName(const wxString &newFileName)SumFile
setModified(const bool newModifiedState)SumFile
SumFile(const SumFile &source)SumFile [private]
write(const wxFileName &fileName)=0SumFile [pure virtual]

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