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SumFileFactory Member List

This is the complete list of members for SumFileFactory, including all inherited members.

exists(const int sumFileType)SumFileFactory [static]
ftMD5 enum value (defined in SumFileFactory)SumFileFactory
ftSFV enum value (defined in SumFileFactory)SumFileFactory
getAvailableSumFiles()SumFileFactory [static]
getSumFileDescription(const int sumFileType)SumFileFactory [static]
getSumFileExtension(const int sumFileType)SumFileFactory [static]
getSumFileName(const int sumFileType)SumFileFactory [static]
getSumFileNewInstance(const int sumFileType)SumFileFactory [static]
getSumFilesCount()SumFileFactory [static]
initialize()SumFileFactory [static]
SumFileFactory()SumFileFactory [inline, private]
sumFilesTypesSumFileFactory [private, static]
SumFileType enum nameSumFileFactory
WX_DECLARE_HASH_MAP(int, SumFileEntry, wxIntegerHash, wxIntegerEqual, SumFileEntries)SumFileFactory [private]

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